"Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. " Jeremiah 33:3

Friday, September 30, 2011

"He pressed them, "And how about you? Who do you say that I am?" Matthew 16:15

Jesus first question to His disciples was, "What are people saying about who the Son of Man is?" their response was some say John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, one of the prophets. Then looking straight at His disciples He said; "And how about you? Who do you say that I am?"

Imagine with me; picture Jesus walking the streets of New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, Dallas, Palm Springs, DC, Wichita, anywhere USA, and the year is 2011! As the crowds quickly surround Him as they surely would because we know that wherever Jesus went crowds gathered and followed. He opens His mouth, and the crowd is silenced, He slowly turns around and makes eye contact with everyone in the crowd, His penetrating gaze misses no one, not even the children. Are you with me, have you placed yourself in that crowd, are you experiencing the feelings and wonder of the people? Can you imagine locking eyes with Jesus Christ? Now it is just you and Him and everyone there feels the same way for once you look into those eyes everything and everyone fades quickly from view.

He begins with a question; "Who do people say that I am?" From the back a man yells out a great teacher, another says, the Son of God, a child jumps up and down, pointing to Him and screams, Jesus, Jesus! Then a dark accusing voice eerily high pitched, false prophet. Several voices tumble over one another; Allah, Mohammed, then an old man speaks up, you are the King of the Jews, a woman steps forward and declares, you were a great prophet. The rest of the rapidly growing crowd is doing their best to stay hidden from His eyes like little children in school who don't do their homework and don't want to be called on.

Now Jesus turns and looks directly at you again, "How about you? Who do you say that I am?" How would you respond? I would respond, You are Jesus Christ my Lord, the Son of God, my Savior and my Redeemer! That is true, yet Jesus is so much more!!

Do you know Jesus in any capacity other than Savior? Can you say with full assurance and faith; You are the Christ and You have gone to heaven to prepare a place for me that where You are I may be with You forever? Could you say; You are that Light of my life, the Joy of my heart and my soul finds Satisfaction in You alone? Could you say; You are my Peace, my Shelter, my Strong Deliverer, You are Absolute Sovereign over the entire universe and over me? Could you say; You are the King of kings and Lord of lords as you humbly bow before His Majesty? Could you say: You alone are my Source, You are my Shield, You are the Shade at my right hand, You are my Comforter and Your blood cleanses me from all unrighteousness? Jesus Christ desires that we know Him, that we continue seeking to know Him more everyday of our lives, He longs to reveal Himself to us and He does so in His Word the Bible. He is waiting for you on every page...what are you waiting for?

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